About Us

Our Vision

A renowned international MICE destination in providing excellent and professional services by year 2018.

Our Mission

Dedicated to provide a premier venue with leading-edge innovations and exceptional hospitality

Our Objectives

  • To focus on customer satisfaction and experience
  • To optimize usage of facilities
  • To nurture strong teamwork

1 Day

We will set an outstanding standard level to be recognized as the worlds most desirable leaderin convention and business meetings destination.

PICC Quality of Services

  1. We represent the company and do with enthusiasm 1 DAY, as we firmly stand on our belief to fulfill the expectations of customers round the clock, regardless of date, time and day, all year long.
  2. We exercise our authority to be responsive in enquiries and feedbacks within 1 DAY as we manage and listen attentively as part of our continuous learning effort.
  3. We adopt and value our customers as part of our family and will take responsibility to respond to complaints immediately within 1 DAY with a 'can-do' attitude for self-improvements and to the extent of until their needs are satisfied.
  4. We adopt a spirit to nurture delicacies to provide delicate tastes on our food and beverages menu selection within 1 DAY to complement one of the highly recommended local made refreshments.
  5. We empower our employees to direct IT and Communication resources promptly and bespoke services in audio visual equipments required ensuring minimum interruptions and a well-coordinated contingency.
  6. We work together in cooperation and harmony to commit a genuinely caring guidance for organizers especially during stressful times to work for perfection in handling audio and visual equipments.
  7. We will extend an unconditional hand of work commitment to ensure all Local Order (LO) are serving the utmost important within 1 DAY requirements.
  8. We will strive to conduct with integrity in all billing and payment incur to made available within 1 DAY to contractors and suppliers, if and once all fair documents are duly completed, as we prioritize an accountable action in every circumstances.